Appis is a fast growing, leading innovative global mobile apps advertising network founded in 2015, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
We are specialized in App installs, Lead-gen and Mobile content via Display, Search and Network traffic. We work with the models CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA.
We focus on the advertiser to find the best media that matches the product. With a young and professional team, we create and expand our partnerships with advertisers and publishers worldwide.
Join Appis and monetize your Mobile traffic on an international scale and increase your revenue thanks to our competitive payouts !

Our network is made up of hand selected media sources which we use to ensure the highest performance for our clients.

We bring publishers and advertisers together and provide them both with a world class experience.

Whether you have a mobile site or an app, advertising is a great way to monetize your investment and earn on going revenue.

It is possible to earn much more from Appis ad platform since we are connected with major supply sources With access to our platform you can check your results in real time.


Attractive campaigns
& payouts

Simple tracking
& reporting

Friendly & dedicated team,
Never stop supporting!

We are your GO TO Media Partner when it comes down to Performance Marketing. Appis gets you media from many different channels, takes away risks antd is fully transparent. With our proprietary technology we not only achieve media goals but also bring in ROI

We have Global Reach-Laser targeted traffic based on GEO, OS, carrier, device with a distribution across multiple media channels.
We monitor our publisher’s traffic to ensure that it meets our advertiser’s goals.

Choose among our flexible range of CPC, CPI, or CPA promotions models to find the most effective fit for your marketing campaign and gain your engaged and loyal users !

Wide media range

World Wide traffic

High quality

Pay For Results


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